Frequently Asked Questions About Clueology Escape Rooms


Simply put, our Loveland Escape Room games are a unique real life interactive scenario based experience designed to simulate extraordinary situations without the risk of harm. However, we have found the hidden meaning to be an escape from real life! When you are immersed in one of our interactive rooms, you will become a part of the the game. You will be solving puzzles, assembling contraptions, working together, conquering challenges and playing out the role of your character in an extremely realistic environment... Nothing else will matter.

Booking an event couldn't be easier! simply click the BOOK NOW BUTTON located below your chosen room description and follow the easy reservation process. You may also choose to reserve by phone. We HIGHLY recommend reserving your spot in advance as games often sell out.
-BE SURE TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR GAME STARTS FOR PREP AND INTRODUCTIONS! YOUR GAME WILL START AT EXACTLY THE SCHEDULED TIME as we have the next game booked directly after yours. No need to bring anything, drinks are provided and we have lockers for you to store personal belongings.


NO! All bookings are PRIVATE at no additional charge. We want every booking to be completely private to your group in order to provide you with the very best experience possible!

Locked in? perceivably..... TRAPED? absolutely NOT! our doors are never locked, in fact you may leave the game at any time however the clock remains ticking.


No special skills are required! Our games although highly advanced are geared towards EVERYONE! The main point is to have fun and create an unforgettable memory accompanied by a natural high that will have you smiling for days!


Everyone has a different perception of scary, however we trend our customers response to our rooms and assign a number value in each game description on the packages page so you know what you're in for!


YOU SURE CAN! New parents NEED an escape! You may bring your kiddos and strollers in the room with you... Kids under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult and we find the age most kids comprehend our games is about 10 years old.

Over thousands of games, we have seen many multi generational family groups pull together and accomplish not only escaping our rooms, but rekindle the closeness of working towards a common goal!


-Price of admission is,
-$35.00 per player for groups of 3-4
-$30.00 per player for groups of 5 or more
-All major credit cards are accepted.
-Call for TEAM BUILDING and LARGE GROUP rates.
-All bookings are NON REFUNDABLE but may be rescheduled free of charge with greater than 12 hour prior notice. Within 12 hours of your booking, a reschedule charge of $40.00 will be applied.


We Specialize in CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING! Click on our EVENTS page for details.